Our Team

Onlinetangoclass was created by a team of experts in the training sector with many years of experience and heterogeneous skills and capabilities. Of course Argentine tango fans!

E-learning, distance learning, web learning, smart learning or remote learning are all terms that identify the same action: learning and training using internet as preferential tool using any interface device capable of connecting to the web.

Thinking about dynamic and liquid society, we support private individuals and entrepreneurs in the fascinating task of updating and training their target audience with maximum effectiveness and minimum expenditure of human and economic resources.

After more than 15 years of work in the sector, the experience emerged allows us to offer 360-degree support and advice to any organization that wants or needs to use the e-learning to convey its training. Consult the page of the services we offer to find out more.

Our team is made up of Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, Audio and Video Editors, Web Developers, Webmasters, Social Media Managers, Mother-tongue Translators, Teachers, Musicians, Designers, Photographers, Video-reporters, 3D Graphics, Drone Drivers and various commercial figures.

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