How does it work

Onlinetangoclass is a distance learning platform that allows you to create courses, seminars and insights on any topic related to Tango and in any format:

  • Video
  • Book
  • Interaction
  • Questionnaire/Quiz
  • Clipboard
  • Slides

The video format is probably the most suitable, given the specific content, but nothing prevents you from using other formats or a mix of them.

The steps to create a course are as follows:

  1. Get in touch with us and describe the course you have in mind. Use the contact page or send an email to:
  2. Once agreed, your task will be to send us the videos or materials of which the course is composed using email, Wetransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Youtube, Skype or any channel you prefer. Videos must be of good quality. The course can also be arranged slowly, perhaps by publishing one lesson per week or with other congenial cadences. Remember that you can choose whether to make the course free or paid. To find out more, consult the Partnership page or send us an email to: Take a look at the contract for teachers in the attachments section of this page.
  3. At this point we come into play, making a review of the contents and if necessary proposing changes or improvements.
  4. t is the moment of the actual publication that will take place only with your final check.
  5. In this phase Onlinetangoclass (and you too) will advertise the new course, choosing a method and a target jointly with you. In fact, you may want to reserve the course for your students only and make it invisible to anyone else.
  6. Students will register on the platform and will be able to choose your course. You can constantly check every aspect, the report of the entrances and all the activities that we will have prepared together.
  7. If your course is offered for free, you will not receive any compensation and we will take care of all the technical aspects. If your course is offered for a fee, you will receive form 70% to 80% of each fee paid.


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