We at Onlinetangoclass are constantly looking for creators of contents and collaborations of various kinds related to Argentine Tango.

Content Creators

When it is not the Onlinetangoclass team that produces content or courses, we carefully check the materials and their creators, examine the Curriculum Vitae and the quality of the contents before releasing them on the platform.

Our methods of publication of the courses are as follows:

  1. Free course: neither Onlinetangoclass nor the Creator of the course receive any compensation, although Onlinetangoclass accepts the costs of maintaining the platform and technical support in a totally free form;
  2. Paid course: both Onlinetangoclass and the course creator receive a fee for each course sold;
  3. Paid course with purchase by Onlinetangoclass: in some cases Onlinetangoclass, if it deems it appropriate, can purchase a course with one-off payment, upon release of use without restrictions.
  4. Rental of the platform by the Creator: the Course Creator obtains the license to publish a course on the platform which he can sell as he wishes within a customized area of the platform.

To propose your application write to or use the form on the contact page, describing the category chosen and the course you are planning to offer. Then we will make you a proposal for collaboration.

If you want to propose a commercial collaboration, contact us to indicating the content of your proposal.

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